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7 Healthy Makeup Tips for a Successful First Date

Your first date with that cute guy is coming up, and you are already feeling anxious because you really like him and don’t want to mess it all up? We know how you feel! First dates are amazing because you get a chance to get to know someone new, so leaving a good first impression is a must, we will all agree! Here are seven makeup tips for a successful one, so make sure that you follow them before you get taken over by romantic mood and butterflies in your stomach.

  • Fake a Flawless Complexion


Needless to say, flawless complexion is necessary if you want to look fabulous on your first date. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to slather on foundation in order to achieve perfection – in this case, less is certainly more. Less coverage and more luminosity should be your go-to choices, because that will minimize all the imperfections and provide glowy look at the same time.

  • Choose Appropriate Foundation


If you use too much of it – you might look like a clown. If you use too little – you will look unpolished. So, what is the key to success when it comes to foundation? First of all, you have to choose a formula appropriate for your skin type.  Then comes picking the right shade, which is particularly tricky part. You will need to test the right spot while choosing foundation – apply it along your jawline to see if it matches.

  • Concealer to the Rescue


Covering dark circles is essential, because that contributes to flawless skin complexion and refreshed look. Use your pinky finger to apply concealer under the eyes, because that will help the product melt into your skin easier. It also does wonders for blemishes and red lines which appear on your lids after a sleepless night.

  • It’s All About the Eyes


As you already know, eye contact is extremely important when it comes to getting to know someone, so make sure that you go for a natural look. Even though smokey eyes can be very attractive, try avoiding them at your first date. Instead, just curl your lashes and apply a few coats of mascara. A shimmery shadow in neutral tone will do the trick, too.   

  • Avoid Pre-Date Beauty Treatments


Even though it may look very tempting, stay away from beauty treatments before your date. Fresh face is definitely something you want, however, invasive facial is a rookie mistake – you don’t know how your skin will react. A gentle scrub, lightweight moisturiser, and at-home acne treatment should be your way to go.

  • Forget Sticky Lip Gloss


If you ask guys, they will say that they love lip gloss as long as they don’t have to feel it on their lips. We know that it looks fabulous, but he certainly won’t like it if you do overdo it. Instead, choose a matte lipstick and just one coat of sheer gloss – that will look stunning, and it is more practical at the same time.

  • Keep It Natural


Going for a natural look is always a good idea – too much makeup is not. Disguise your little flaws and highlight some good features which will give a great overall impression. Avoid crazy nails and overdone hair, too – keep everything clean and neat, because that is the key to success.

Follow our simple tips and you will make no mistake – just focus on emphasizing your natural beauty, instead of hiding behind makeup. When that is done, you can slip into your perfect outfit chosen particularly for this occasion and go find your Prince Charming. This may be a beginning of your own love story!

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