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CrossFit Fitness for strong women

Spartan training is no longer reserved for men only, but a large number of ladies chose this way of training, too, in order to take care of their body and health. CrossFit training is known and used as a military training which resembles the Spartan training, and includes popular disciplines like athletics, gymnastics, weightlifting, and, often, riding a bike.

CrossFit – Fitness for strong women by

With a single workout you can burn up to 1,000 calories, and crossfit is suitable for gaining power. So, many women in recent years have opted for this type of training that gives great results. Experts say that women are attracted to group practices and the fact that everyone takes part in the exercise together.

CrossFit is a new exercise program which confers strength and stamina, and its goal is to improve body strength, cardio-respiratory endurance and flexibility. It includes workouts consisting of weightlifting and track-maintenance balance.

Still, this kind of training is very controversial. This program was designed at the beginning of the twenties of the last century for the needs and progress of the US army. It is very hard, with high intensity, and therefore phenomenal results are inevitable. CrossFit has become better known since it was rumored that this type of training is practiced by famous Hollywood actors.

When it comes to training, women often choose running and yoga, and very rarely, they choose training with weights. However, for the perfect look of a woman, it can be said that strength training is very important. Today women are training as men, if not harder, and look better and more perfect, or at least those who have discovered how to use strength training to their advantage. Women should not go too far, but they can use strength training to their advantage and reach their goals when it comes to appearance.

CrossFit – Fitness for strong women by

The fact is that strength training will not destroy the joints or feminine look. It is very likely that a woman will be more feminine and attractive, only if she finds the right exercises for herself, in consultation with professionals. Luckily, CrossFit is always done with a professional trainer.

Since one of the main reasons of aging is actually muscle loss, the same thing happens to both women and men. In fact, the loss of muscle mass is a far greater problem for women than for men due to decrease of physical activity and endless cardio workout. Maintaining muscle mass is not only working to improve the appearance, but also to extend the vitality of the entire body. More muscles use up more calories, which means burning more fat.

The curves are obtained by increasing the muscle mass. If you want to get rid of the fat, running and yoga will not help as women might think. Running will burn a lot of fat, but also quite a few muscles. In the end, you get the skinny-fat appearance. Lack of energy is also caused by a lack of muscle mass. Moreover, with a proper strength training there are many benefits like increasing bone density, more regular menstrual cycles, fewer headaches, healthy heart and digestive organs and so on. Running and yoga will make you a little fit and remove a bit of fat, but if you want a sculpted look, this is not enough.

In addition, CrossFit training has become increasingly popular, and according to the results of research conducted on single people in USA, it was found that precisely those who prefer CrossFit training have a more active sex life.

CrossFit – Fitness for strong women by

For Crossfit training a special diet is recommended which includes an intake of about 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fat. This can be achieved by consuming meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar at all. After a hard workout, it is good to load up on water or recovery drinks like kill cliff, which will provide enough electrolytes, vitamins and micronutrients that were lost during the training.

Although everyone is allowed to exercise in this way, not everyone can withstand the pace of CrossFit workout. Some exercises are tough, so this activity is ideal for people who constantly test their stamina and raise their bars, but there are also those who won’t find this type of training useful, because it can often lead to injuries.

If you are completely healthy and can withstand strenuous exercise, you should definitely try CrossFit. You’ll probably enjoy it. If you’re not fit and just starting with a program of exercise, make sure that CrossFit training is adjusted to you and fulfills all prerequisites for your particular case.

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