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 Best barbers in nyc have prepared for you a list of things you should consider about your summer hair maintenance.

  1. Visit your barbershop

Just like any other season of the year, summer has some peculiarities of hair maintenance.  Best barbers in nyc recommend to start new season with a visit to your favorite barbershop. Fresh haircut will give your hair strength to make it through this challenging period; also, you can consider an idea of going shorter because less hair means less problems.391510eb806830864f02175136a28c4d

  1. Control sweaty problem

Summer heat makes us sweat a lot more than during any other time of the year. As a result, our hair becomes dirty more quickly making us take measures. Start paying more attention to the cleanness of your hair but avoid getting into trap of everyday shampooing. It may sound impossible, but over-washing is not a problem if you have dry shampoo, get one immediately!

  1. Infuse with moisture

We sweat more in summer, which means that our body and hair lose moisture; therefore, it’s extremely important to maintain proper moisture balance of our body and hair. Treat your hair to regular conditioning because conditioner is the richest source of hydration. You should also drink enough water because healthy body means healthy hair.36d7e26414852edb998a49f35a94e05d

  1. Beware of pool water

Summer season definitely means one thing: swimming pools! The problem is that pool water contains different chemicals, especially chlorine that can cause a number of troubles. There are certain things you can do to protect your hair from chlorine damage – wear swimming cap, rinse with clear water before and after swimming pool, and wash with clarifying shampoo.

  1. Protect from UV sunrays

If we talk about summer hair maintenance, we should say a few words about protection from UV damage. Sun can do a lot of damage to your hair that’s why you should avoid standing under direct sunrays; moreover, cover your head and apply products with UV filters.

  1. Give your hair a break

Summer is a rather difficult period for your hair but you can make its life much easier. Give your hair a break from everything at least once a week. Avoid using heated appliances or hair styling products on this day and your hair will definitely appreciate it.

These easy tips will bring a big difference to your regular hair maintenance. Follow them and enjoy natural beauty of your hair!

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