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How Bad Is Sugar – Really?

Sugar is often considered to be the most harmful ingredient of many foods and possibly the single biggest issue of modern eating. It is present not only in sweets and soft drinks, but also in items that are generally not considered “sweet”, such as yogurt, canned and dried fruit or coffee. Therefore, sugar is unavoidable, but how bad is it really and what does it really do?

Sugar Adds No Substance

Many people think that introducing sugar to cooking will add a special flavor to their meals, but this could not be further from the truth. Your lunches will taste different and you might even like them more with a tablespoon of sugar, but it will add nothing of substance to your meals.

Furthermore, sugar added by food companies to their products – sucrose or sweetened syrup – creates an even bigger problem. Since it includes an enormous number of calories that are basically worthless and includes no nutritious ingredients, consuming that sugar will do you no good. It just mounts up in your body, affecting your weight, teeth and digestion. Instead of that, you should eat food rich in vitamins and proteins and find other ways to sweeten your food.

Problems with Insulin

Insulin is a hormone that regulates blood sugar and allows its distribution to every single cell. It is vital when working out and trying to lose weight as it is in charge of informing the cells when to burn glucose and fat. Since an excessive amount of glucose is fatal and toxic, causing diabetes, blindness and damages to blood circulation, keeping insulin under control is more than important.

This is where sugar comes into play as it is responsible for insulin resistance. Taking too much sugar not only leads to diabetes, but also prevents insulin from functioning properly. Therefore, think about your insulin level next time you eat a Kit Kat or drink Coca-Cola as every bite and sip counts.

Other Health Problems

Among a number of health problems that are directly connected to the intake of sugar are various liver-related diseases, type-II diabetes, heart failure, coronary artery disease and even cancer. With so many potential consequences just around the corner, you should be aware of how much sugar is included in your daily diet. Try to minimize it as much as possible and replace it with healthier items like Stevia, natural sweetener, and brown sugar.

I Need More and More

Sugar is highly addictive and, similar to drugs such as cocaine and heroin, releases dopamine into the brain, always leaving you craving for more. What is even more worrying is that such an addiction develops in childhood because sugar is in almost everything children eat nowadays. It starts affecting our brain at a very early age and this power sugar has over us is very hard to combat.

Every time the level of sugar in your blood drops, you crave food and the most effective way to get rid of this desire is to eat something sweet, like a bar of chocolate or a piece of cake. Instead of fighting your wish for food, you should fight an urge to eat something unhealthy and opt for healthier options such as bananas, peaches and other fruits. Only by understanding your food cravings will you be able to control them and fight sugar off.

Bad, Worse, the Worst

As you can see, sugar is directly responsible for numerous bad things going on in our bodies, from diabetes and obesity to coronary diseases and addiction. What is even worse is that it can hide in unexpected foods, so you need to be extra careful and control your daily intake.

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