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How to Fight Work-Related Back Pain

Work that involves a lot of physical labor can often create a lot of problems for you and one of the most common issues that most people have to deal with is the back pain. Besides that, office work is yet another enemy of your back. Since this sort of issue can come from a variety of different reasons it is really important that you contact your doctor. If the problem is not all that serious, but you still have to deal with the pain of varying degree on a daily basis, here are some ways to help you with that and how to best avoid it in the future.

Warm Up

How to Fight Work-Related Back Pain‏ by

One of the most common and most dangerous ways to hurt your back is to suddenly lift a lot of weight or turn without giving your back enough time to prepare. Before doing any sort of task no matter how low weight the object is that you plan on lifting, always warm up. Even doing a few stretches and couple of quick exercises can give your body the time it needs to prepare. This way you can prevent a lot of injuries and potential back pain in the future.


Too much work on a regular basis can become really strenuous for your body and in the case of your back, which does most of the work for you, the situation can become rather unbearable rather quickly. The most obvious symptoms that your back is overworked and that you need to slow down a bit are the back pains in the lower back area, strained muscles and slightly elevated temperature that lasts for up to 24 hours. Take a break on regular basis and slow down a bit, there will still be time to get your job done if you don’t hurt yourself by working too much. If you have to deal with a lot of physical work, take a day off between two work days and give your body time to recover. This way you can avoid a lot of pain issues and potential injuries.


How to Fight Work-Related Back Pain‏ by

If you spend a lot of time working behind a computer or sitting in general, your posture can really affect your back and cause all kinds of problems if you don’t sit properly. In most cases the pain that you feel in your back after a long day at work comes from not sitting properly and the best way to prevent that is to fix your posture. Sitting at a proper distance from your monitor centered and having your back and your thighs at a 90 degree angle will often allow your back muscles to relax and help you with back pain.


Another important element that can really affect your back is the headgear that you carry. If you have to carry things like helmets, heavy headphones or similar stuff on your head for extended periods of time, it is often quite possible that they are what is causing the problem with your back. Since most of the stuff that you put on your head has to be carried by your neck muscles, shoulders and back, it is quite normal that you start experiencing certain level of back pain if you don’t take regular brakes.

How to Fight Work-Related Back Pain‏ by

Desk Work

If you spend a lot of time in the office or you do a job that requires a lot of sitting, it is really important that you get a good chair that can support your back. Uncomfortable chairs, chairs that don’t provide your lower back with support needed and those that put you in weird sitting positions can cause a lot of back pain. Whether you spend all your work day in a driver seat or office chairs it is really important that you find one that gives proper back support. That is why it is essential that people who work desk jobs have perfect chairs. For example, buying excellent reception chairs for your hotel will cut down sick days that your receptionists take significantly. Not to mention, they will be healthier and happier.

Because the back pain can be caused by such a vast range of different health issues and complications it is really important that you consult your doctor. Apart from that, most of the time it all comes down to you letting your back relax from time to time and give them enough time to recover from physical stress. If you take regular brakes and make sure that you don’t lift anything too heavy without warming up, you will avoid a lot of back pain issues.

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