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How to Gain Muscle Fast?

Are you working out very hard but don’t see much results? Have your muscles stayed the same for quite a long time now? There is no need to panic. And there is absolutely no reason to quit. Many people experience the same problem but they eventually start seeing progress. You only have to make couple of changes in your diet, workout plan and daily habits and the results will come soon. All it takes is some effort and time. Here are the things you’ll want to change or improve in order to gain muscle faster.

Lift moreHow to Gain Muscle Fast by

Obviously, you’ll have to lift hard in order to build muscle. If you don’t make your training challenging enough for your muscles, there will be no results. What you’ll want to do is get your muscles exposed to external forces to which they’re not accustomed. If you think you are too comfortable with the weight you are lifting now, it is the right time to increase it. Choose the dumbbells which will cause enough challenge for your body. Keep increasing the dumbbells weight as long as you can.

Eat even more

In order to gain one pound of a muscle, you need to eat around 3.500 extra calories. Muscle gain rate that is possible to achieve is around 1-2 pounds a week, which means that you have to consume 500-1000 more calories per day. Of course, it’s also important what you eat. Consuming healthy protein sources is something you’ll want to do. Beef, eggs, spinach and rice are just some of the foods you should eat building muscle. You’ll also want to have as many meals per day as possible. Leave as less space as possible between them in order to have something for your body to metabolize and build muscle.

Avoid cardioHow to Gain Muscle Fast by

Your body needs calories in order to build muscle. By doing cardio you are burning them and that may only slow your process of muscle building. So, when you want to see the results in your muscles fast, avoid running and riding bicycle. Instead of that, you should rather save your energy for lifting as that is your main exercise. So, always choose strength workouts over aerobic activities. Make yourself a workout plan which involves much lifting and similar exercises and stick to it.

Sleep more

Recovery process also plays an important role in muscle building. So, you should always get a proper rest after your training sessions. There is no better way to rest your muscles than sleeping. That is why if you want to see the results fast, you should start sleeping at least 1 hour more than you usually do. When sleeping, your energy consumption is lowered and this gets your body more relaxed and prepared for the next training session.

Use supplementsHow to Gain Muscle Fast by

Another thing you can do is start using workout supplements. If you do, you are guaranteed to see a massive improvement in no time. There is a variety of supplements you might consider using. Whey protein and creatine are some of the most popular choices today. You can mix them with water or choose to make protein shakes you’ll drink. Be sure to drink these just at the right time. They usually come with instructions. Just to make sure, you can talk about this with your gym trainer and make sure that you are taking your supplements properly.

All of these things will make your muscle gaining process much faster. Still, you can’t do anything until you put much effort into it and dedicate yourself to working out. Be sure to check out your progress regularly. Measure your muscles or simply stand in front of the mirror from time to time and try to see if you can notice some changes.

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