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How to get rid of freckles?

When it comes to skin types, people can be divided into six different types, according to the Fitzpatrick scale. Each level describes human skin colour and it characteristics. Types I and II (score 0-6 and 7-13, respectively, out of 36) are people with pale white or white skin, who usually burn when exposed to light and have freckles.

Many people have them, and most of them are annoyed by their presence. Even though there is practically no possible way of knowing who will have them and who will not (genetics, actually, plays a significant part, but not entirely), it is known that some people are more prone to having them. If you are one of those people, and wondering what to do about them, keep reading and find out how to get rid of freckles.

What are freckles?

Freckles can be defined as small tan or spots on sun exposed skin. They can be circular, and are usually the site of a small button or a nail. They can appear in two ways: either as a consequence of sunlight exposure (SPF does not help people with fair complexion), or as a consequence of old age.

They can start appearing on people (or kids) even from the earliest age, such as one or two years of age. Freckles can appear on your face – nose and cheeks in the majority of cases, but also in arms and upper shoulders as well. Usually, they are of the same colour on one person, but can generally vary in colour according to the darkness of the person’s skin.

Prevention is the key

You have probably heard by now that sun exposure is bad for your skin. But only up to a certain point. When it comes to pigmentation, sun exposure can actually help your skin – because when you spend hours out in the sun, your skin increases the amount of melanin – a skin pigment which increases the darkness of the skin, thus protecting it from burns.

Freckles can also appear due to sunburns, so if you want to avoid them, – simply, get away from the sun. It would be best to avoid going out from 11 to 17 because sunrays are the strongest at that time, so if you do not need to be outside – just do not. But if you have to, make sure to apply high SPF and wear a hat and thin clothes which would block the sunlight from reaching your skin directly.

Lemon juice as bleach

If your freckles still do appear, you can use natural bleachers to eliminate them. Lemon is the nature’s best bleach because its citric acid lightens the skin, thus eliminating the unwanted colouring. Simply, squeeze one lemon and apply it onto the freckled areas (avoiding the eyes, of course). Leave it that way for a couple of minutes (up to 10 minutes, tops), and wash it off with warm water. Mind you that freckles will not disappear that fast – you will actually have to apply this treatment for several weeks, twice a day before you notice them going away.

You can also make a moisturiser out of honey and lemon juice. Since honey is a humectants (it holds water and adds moisture), you can use its enzymes as lightening agents in combination with lemon juice so as to get rid of them forever. Just mix the two with wheat germ and make a paste which you would apply and leave it for fifteen minutes, and rinse it off with cold water afterwards.

If these techniques do not work, that is, if your freckles are strong and persistent, you can always try laser for freckles and be sure that they are not going to come back. And do not forget to pay special attention to your pale skin, because even when you have them removed, you will have to feed your skin with natural ingredients and help it develop normally.

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