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How to Use Swimming to Relieve Your Back Pain

Everyone will tell you that swimming is great for relieving back pains and it is highly recommended by the experts. This is a well-known fact and it is not something new. However, the thing that people usually forget is that not all sorts of swimming are good for you and swimming is not the magical cure for all sorts of pains. You can go wrong with swimming and that is why it is necessary to have all the facts before you start curing your back pain in this way.

What is Swimming Good For?

Ironically, while some professional swimmers suffer from the lower back pain caused by herniated disks, moderate and well-paced swimming routine is the cure for this condition. Bulging and ruptured disks will also benefit from the swimming. Swimming is recommended for neck pains, back spasms and as a part of osteoporosis treatment.

How Does it Work?

How to Use Swimming to Relieve Your Back Pain by

The key to all the benefits that swimming has to offer is the fact that it is a very low key exercise. With all the other forms of exercise, your bones, joints and muscles work together. When it comes to swimming, the water supports your body, so that the heaviest burden of your bodily weight is lifted from your bones and joints. Therefore, you will be able to strengthen your muscles without putting the extra burden to your bones. At the same time, the proper swimming technique forces you to make wide movements that allow you to stretch the muscles while exercising at the same time.

How to Start?

Depending on the severity of your injury, you need to take things slowly and make sure that your doctor, as well as a swimming coach, have their say about your rehabilitation. Usually, before actually swimming, you will be required to do exercises in water that will prepare your muscles for the strains that the actual swimming will cause them. Also, depending on your injuries, you will have to choose a style that will work the best for you. For the lower back pains, breaststroke and the backstroke are the best options. However, you need to make sure that your swimming technique is good, since only proper swimming will offer relieve for your back pains.

How to Use Swimming to Relieve Your Back Pain by

How Much is Enough?

For those that are only starting with their swimming, twice a week is a proper start. In time, this should be increased gradually until you reach five times a week as your regular routine. Even once a week will be beneficial, but for some proper results that can be expected over the period of six months, depending on the injury and the severity of the pain, twice a week is the minimum. The best option is to find a good place for swimming, like Sydney swimming pools and find a swimming coach that has the experience in helping people with back pain and rehabilitation.

Not only that swimming reduces the back pain by strengthening the muscles responsible for supporting the spine, but it also encourages the body to release serotonin. Serotonin is body’s natural pain killer, so swimming causes the body to fight the pain itself. Therefore, with a proper swimming pool, good advice from your doctor and a good swimming coach, your back pain will be relieved, your muscles will get some good exercise and your bones and joints, the much needed relief. All these reasons are enough to make you consider swimming as the alternative to surgery when it comes to fighting off the back pain.

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