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New fitness activities to try out

Expecting a child was special to me and the first two years of my little baby’s life passed by in a blink of an eye, and it took me a while to realize that I was saggy, overweight and not satisfied with what I saw in the mirror. However, with a small child, it is not easy to find time for gym, so I had to come up with alternative ways to become fit.

Running 2.0

As most toddlers who start running when they are 18 to 24 months old, my daughter Emma started developing speed at that age as well. I let her run around our back-yard and local park, but kept a close eye on her, so after two or three afternoons of intense running with or after her, I realized that my T-shirts were sweaty and I felt a bit lighter. Therefore, do not suppress your children’s runs, but join them and lose a few pounds without noticing.

Hiking and Yoga

We live near a great hiking route and my husband and I are avid hikers, so we started hiking with Emma as soon as it was safe for her to be outside. Recently, we found a new concept that I fell in love instantly – hiking yoga, a mixture of being outdoors and working out. My husband and I made an agreement to hike together until we reach the spot where the exercises are performed and then he goes on with our daughter while I stay back and do yoga. This way, all three of us spend some time outside and I manage to get fitter every single time.

Trampoline Gym

Among the most fun and enjoyable activities I have tried is a trampoline gym – this is quite and new idea to stay in shape and spend some quality time with your kids. They even have a kids party venues. It can sound childish at first, but that is the point: it is supposed to be childish and fun. I actually started noticing differences on my body without noticing how much work I put into it.

However, probably the best perk of a trampoline gym is the option of bringing your child along with you, so I started bringing Emma here soon after I had joined. They offer a lot of children-oriented activities that keep kids occupied while the mothers exercise (building blocks and playing games), and they offer kids party venues that transformed my gym experience into a completely new thing.

Rope Jumping

 Many do not realize that rope jumping burns about 200 calories in fifteen minutes and everyone can lose a lot of weight by doing it. I saw it as a good way to keep my daughter interested in new activities, so when she turned three, I introduced mommy-and-daughter rope jumping. She loves it as it is fun and exciting, and my body seems to enjoy it as well – I managed to lose over ten pounds so far!

More Ideas for You

You have to be imaginative when coming up with an exercise plan that will not take your time and include your children in the process. Be sure to look into activities that will make them active as well, such as biking, climbing the rope or even playing Wii.

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