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What is cartilage damage? How to save your knees from joint disorders?

Joint pains have become an everyday ailment these days.In order, to understand your body and help maintain healthy joints you need to know how they function. The human body has 360 joints that aid and enable us to perform various actions as we do today. Structurally the joints in our body can be classified as fibrous joints, cartilaginous joints and synovial joints. Cartilaginous joints allow for some movement whereas synovial joints are the most common and movable joint in the body.

Cartilages are the tough cushiony connective tissues present at the various joints of our body that act as shock absorbers. They are flexible and imperative to the smooth functioning of the body. When the cartilage gets damaged you experience joint pain, swelling, stiffness and inflammation. Injury to cartilages especially the knee joint is a very common scenario. This article is all about how you can save your knees from joint disorders.

Stiffness, swelling, decreased movement of the joint and joint pain indicates cartilage damage. These connective tissues function as shock absorbers and moulds; that enable the joints to slide over one another. They bear the stress of body weight and support the body as it moves, bends or stretches. Also, cartilages do not contain any blood cells and hence damaged cartilages do not heal as fast as injured muscles or skin.

When you have an injured knee (runner’s knee) the first thing that you can do is apply ice to the knee and mildly stretch it. Remember not to directly apply ice onto the affected area. Use a towel to wrap ice cubes or a bag of frozen peas and apply on the affected area for a period of 20 minutes a few times a day. If the knee is swollen or pain is severe consult your doctor immediately.

You can include QuantoProflex a supplement to help the body cope with mild to severe inflammation in the body. This botanical product helps reduce high levels of cytokines in the serum. Increased cytokines in the serum indicate joint disorders and studies conducted on QuantoProflex shows that it significantly works to alleviate inflammation. This product is safe for chronic consumption and can be used by diabetic patients as well.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind to prevent knee injuries:

  • Wear the right foortwear – It is very important to wear the right running shoes as an improper fit would affect your posture and result in muscle strain.
  • Regular exercise – The human body can be compared to a machine. It demands proper care, regular maintenance and proper usage for smooth functioning. Similarly it is essential to have a healthy and balanced diet, proper exercise to tone the muscles and proper rest to help repair wear and tear.
  • Warm up before any activity – Warming up before activities like running or any other sport will help set the pace for your muscles and prepare them for the stress and strain of the activity. Begin with 5-10 mins of brisk walking and stretching n to help tone muscles and prevent injury. Similarly remember to cool your body after any physical activity by slowly reducing the pace before you come to a complete stand-still.

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