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Why Should I Opt for Rhinoplasty?

Since the dawning of time, people are trying to extend their lives and make their appearance better and improve their flaws. The cure for ageing has not been found yet, but we have managed to improve out desire towards perfection.

It’s funny how sometimes just one little flaw can make us miserable, whereas it’s removal would take us to a state of bliss. If you are thinking about doing a rhinoplasty and are wondering what it is all about, here are some most frequently asked questions and answers that will help you decide to do it.Why Should I Opt for Rhinoplasty? by

What is rhinoplastly exactly?

Rhinoplasty, or popularly called ‘a nose job’, is a surgical procedure which involves having your nose reshaped due to one of its bad features. Daily Mail reports that in 2011, 15 million people had a plastic surgery worldwide, which makes it one of the most commonly done procedures. If you have problems with breathing (which is usually hereditary) or you simply do not like the shape of your nose, you can have that area repaired by your plastic surgeon.

Am I a good candidate for rhinoplasty?

One of the reasons people opt for rhinoplasty is when the shape or size of their nose makes them extremely unhappy. If this is the case with you, then you are the right candidate for the procedure. However, before going straight to the surgeon, you need to talk to a psychologist in order to see if the effect of the surgery would indeed help you with self-confidence.

Your sex does not really matter for rhinoplasty. This procedure is being performed on both men and women (even though it is slightly more popular in women). The most important thing, however, that you feel physically fit and healthy in order for the operation to take place.Why Should I Opt for Rhinoplasty? by

It is important that you are positive about the outcome and, primarily, realistic. Your doctor will tell you what are the odds for improvement, so you have to be obedient and realise that sometimes, some things cannot be repaired completely. Nevertheless, practice has shown that people who get the slightest change in their appearance have a positive reaction and feel better about themselves.

What is the minimum age for rhinoplasty?

Even though many teenagers do this procedure, it is recommended that it is performed after the growth has ended. In some cases, like in severe trauma, even kids have this procedure done, but that does not happen that frequently. To some people, the period of growth can end in the mid-teens, whereas in some other – in their mid twenties. So, make sure to stress this fact to your doctor before doing anything.

Why Should I Opt for Rhinoplasty? by long will I recover?

The recovery period depends upon your general health. So, if your immunity is okay, you are more likely to recover faster from other candidates. After the procedure, you can experience dull aching or headache. The type of pain also depends on the type of procedure involved (if it was open or closed, etc.). Generally, you should remove bandages in about a week, and be completely ready (or restaurant ready) to go outside in about seven to ten days without any visible signs of the surgery.

As you can see, rhinoplasty can help you improve not only your physical appearance, but your confidence as well. Make sure that your health is great, but if you are scared of the pain and cutting, you may want to opt for non-surgical nose job at Rhinoplasty clinic in Sydney.

And of course, if you want to share your experience with us, please write in the comments section below.

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